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Springer-Verlag New York
Engels - Paperback | 2009-10

Any amateur astronomer who is interested in astrophotography, particularly if just getting started, needs to know what objects are best for imaging in each month of the year. These are not necessarily the same objects that are the most spectacular or intriguing visually. The camera reveals different... Meer
Cambridge University Press
Engelstalig - Hardcover | 1992

The objective of this book is to present a photograph collection of astronomical objects taken with large Schmidt telescopes. It incorporates material from not only the telescope at the Karl-Schwarzschild-Observatory at Tautenberg, but also the telescopes at the Anglo-Australian Observatory and the ... Meer
Cambridge University Press
Engels - Paperback |

With this extraordinary handbook, you, too, can frame the stars and have them hanging on your livingroom walls. Astrophotography for the Amateur provides a complete guide to taking pictures of stars, galaxies, the Moon, the Sun, comets, meteors and eclipses, using equipment and materials readily ava... Meer
Stichting De Koepel
Nederlands - | 2008

De Sterrengids 2009 is een jaarboek over hemelverschijnselen die in 2009 zichtbaar zijn vanuit Nederland en België, met het blote oog, met een verrekijker of met een kleine of grote telescoop.
In dit boek staat een speciaal hoofdstuk over astrofotografie.... Meer
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